About Us

Ryder & Sparks Prime Corporation was established with the goal of becoming the preferred service provider for housekeeping and other outsourced services.  The young, idealistic, dynamic, and successful professionals behind it are seasoned executives and managers in the fields of engineering, construction, manufacturing, service contracting, sales and marketing,  and human resource management for local and foreign companies.  Ryder & Sparks was conceived to give companies from various industries and professions another choice in their search for reputable service providers that are fully capable - professionally and financially - to meet their outsourced services requirements.  The company has chosen building and facilities care or housekeeping service as its pilot service, and it has built a reserve of resources to meet other type of service requirements.  Ryder & Sparks has access to vast amount of resources, from financial to technical to human resources, which guarantees its reliability in this venture.  The company is capitalizing on this strength knowing that not so many players in the industry are in possession of this advantage.  The word “professional” has been chosen by Ryder & Sparks to best describe it as a company.  It best describes its prime movers and it best describes the level of service that it offers.    Ryder & Sparks pledges more than a professional service and a business relationship – it pledges a genuine partnership. 


Ryder & Sparks Prime Corporation shall be the preferred contractor in housekeeping, building and facilities maintenance and management, and other outsourced business processes.  Its favored status is founded on the professionalism of its management, employees, and service personnel; on its organizational and financial stability; and on its strict adherence to good corporate practices. 


It is the mission of Ryder & Sparks Prime Corporation:

• To continuously develop and implement sound administrative, operational, and financial policies that ensure corporate stability for its stockholders, employees, and trusting clients; 
• To generate meaningful employment and create opportunities for the youth belonging to the underprivileged sector of the society;  
• To maintain a highly professional, skilled, disciplined, and motivated support and service workforce through continual education and training; 
• To acquire and adopt latest technology relevant to its business operations, and which can also enhance the services it provides to its clients; and 
• To instill among its employees the values of good citizenship